Publications and Articles

Information Security

C. Särs. A multi-purpose authentication and policy management agent. Master's Thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, 1998.

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Tuuli Siiskonen, Camillo Särs, Antti Vähä-Sipilä, Ari Pietikäinen Generic Security User Stories. Handbook of The Secure Agile Software Development Life Cycle, University of Oulu, Pekka Pietikäinen, Juha Röning, Eds., 2014

Antti Hätälä, Camillo Särs, Ronja Addams-Moring, Teemupekka Virtanen. Event Data Exchange and Intrusion Alert Correlation in Heterogeneous Networks. Proceedings of the 8th Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education, West Point, NY, June 2004


C. Särs. Internet Security and Systems Intelligence. Systems Intelligence - Discovering a Hidden Competence in Human Action and Organizational Life, Eds. Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen, Helsinki University of Technology, Systems Analysis Laboratory Research Reports A88, October 2004.

Other topics

C. Särs, P. Wessman, M. Halme. Design Patterns and the Java AWT, proceedings of the Design Patterns seminar, September 1996.

C. Särs. Address assigment and management in IPv6 environment, proceedings of the Internetworking seminar, April 1996.

C. Särs. A brief WWW-tutorial in Finnish, December 1995.

C.Särs. Bitit linjoilla: Amigalla linjoille. MikroBITTI, Volume 6, issue 3, March 1989.

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