Private Projects

or what I should be doing instead of playing “Battlefield 2”.

I am considering journalling. It would be quite useful profesionally, if I actually could manage to record feelings and thoughts daily. In my line of work, you never know when you may have to recall events and ideas from long ago.

I process my email using procmail. I get over 22,000 spams per quarter. To cope with the huge spam load, I use bogofilter and crm114, with excellent results.

I continue my post-graduate studies, eventually aiming at a Doctor's dissertation. My studies at the Telecommunication Software and Multimedia Laboratory focus on security. As a minor, I'm taking applied philosophy.

Past Projects

or things I did because it was fun, or because I had to.

I was part of the NordSec 2004 program committee.

Tik-76.115 Individual Project – The Virtual Language Centre

The WWW-magazine kURLaus, which unfortunately hasn’t been published since late 1995. It was fun as long as it lasted!

The Data Guild Sponsor group allowed me to learn how to approach upper management with seemingly crazy ideas and get a way with it.

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