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Camillo Särs works as information security manager for F-Secure Corporation. In addition to the usual infosec tasks, his work is related to the security requirements and design of the company’s products. He has worked for the company since 1996.

Camillo received a Master of Science (Eng.) on 1998-04-28 for the thesis A multi-purpose authentication and policy management agent. He specialized in computer security and software systems. He is a post-graduate student at Helsinki University of Technology, studying Telecommunications Software. His studies focus on the security of internetworking, with a twist of applied philosophy.

Current research interests of Camillo’s include operating system and network security. However, he reads a bit of this and that, including philosophy, the theory of evolution, gaming theory and even lock picking.

Camillo is a member of “Pyöreän Tornin Kilta” (PTK), an alumnus of Teknologföreningen, the Union of Swedish speaking students of technology at HUT and he is also a senior member of the Data Guild (TiK).

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